Al MA’ZAR Al-Shamaly, Prince Turki Ben Abdulaziz Al-Awal ,
    Riyadh, KSA.
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About Alqussie International

Foundation: Al-Qussie International Co. was founded in 1401H corresponding to 1981AD to carry out the works of constructions, operation, and maintenance. 
Classification: Al-Qussie International Co. is classifid in many activities according to Saudi Classifiation.

Bows is the plural of “Bow” and synonymous with the word “Arch’s” It was taken from the Hadith of Utbah Bin Abi Sufyan’s . utbah said: “ The Arabs have words that are thinner than air, and fresher than water. Lunged their gullets as arrows lunges from their bows with combined words, if they are misinterpreted, they lose their meanings, and if they are replaced, they are diffiult to understand. Their words are delusionally easy to guess if they are heard. And they are not easily accessible if requested.”