Al MA’ZAR Al-Shamaly, Prince Turki Ben Abdulaziz Al-Awal ,
    Riyadh, KSA.
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Jeddah Municipality

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    Operating, Maintenance, Custodial Services
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The Company proud’s operation, maintenance and Custodial Services to the the main building of Jeddah Municipality and its annexes, which consists of (19) floors as well as a parking of (4) floors by implementing all the necessary maintenance and cleaning work according to the following:


Mechanical equipment consisting of: -
(1) Air Conditioning Units. 
(7) Elevators.
Main Water Pump
A Main Pump For The Fire System
A Major Water Treatment Station.
(2) Spare Generators.
Fire Extinguishers Maintenance.


Electronic equipment consisting of:
Telephone System Equipment
Main Building Control system
Fire Alarm System
Electronic watch system
Magnetic Card Access Control System
Building’s Audio and video systems.


Electrical equipment consisting of:
(5) Automatic Switch.
(11) Medium Voltage Transformer
(2) Ring Main Unit of Medium Voltage Network.
(1) Power Saver Device.
Photovoltaic Panels and Main/Sub Control Panels.
Building’s Interior and Exterior Lighting System.


General Works consisting of:
General plumbing works.
General carpentry work.
Works of interior and exterior paints for the building.
Modification works such as gypsum or glass partitions.
Renovations of Marble Floors.


Cleanliness works consisting of:
Cleanliness for all floors of the building with a total area of (50861) square meters.
Cleanliness for all floors with a total area of (43907) square meters.
Cleaning the external area within the scope of the fence with a total area (5565) square meters.
Custodial Services for all glass building facades.

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